Star Performer empowers Star Performers on the World Stage. We are here to support every member equally, to help each person advance on the World Stage as a Star Performer. We do this in a safe, private, supportive environment. That is our Mission.

Why do we have rules? Here’s the thing about rules. There is no need for any rules if people respect each other, and show that respect in their behavior towards each other.

That said, we need to establish rules because of what has happened in the past in Toastmaster International online club meetings, not necessarily at Star Performer.

In some cases, this behavior may have been unintentional. My hope is that these rules will help to clarify our Mission and Rules for Star Performer.

I will explain why each rule exists, and the consequence of not following the rule.


All Toastmasters programs, activities, clubs and members must set the highest ethical requirements, focusing on a standard of excellence that reflects credit on the organization as a whole.

Ethics and conduct violations by an individual member, club, area, division, district, or other official group, may subject the offending person or entity to disciplinary action. For more information regarding Ethics and Conduct, see Policy 3.0 and Protocol 3.0.

Star Performer follows all applicable principles, protocols, policies and rules in the

4. Online Clubs

A. Online clubs are defined as having a majority of members attending meetings through the use of live, online video-conferencing tools.

  1. Each online club determines the type of online platform(s) to be used and must acquire it at the club’s expense if there is a fee for use.
  2. Each member participating in an online club will provide their own technology at their own expense if there is a fee for use.
  3. Voice-only teleconferencing, recorded video, or recorded audio are not acceptable forms of attendance.
Violations of these rules and our club rules will not be tolerated at Star Performer.


Star Performer Rules

1. Please log in 15 to 30 minutes early to test your microphone, headphones and/or speakers, to be comfortable with the Zoom platform.

This time is valuable to talk with each other, trouble-shoot any technical problems with audio, video, or speech presentations through screen-sharing, answer any questions about roles for the meeting, or fill last-minute roles, and to make sure that people are there to fill their assigned roles for the meeting.

2. We start promptly on time. Late arrivals will not be admitted.

We start and finish every meeting on time. 

Late arrivals are disruptive to the meeting, to the speakers, to all performers, and to our visitors, and will not be admitted. Think of Star Performer meetings as an artistic performance. The ushers will close the doors, no one will be admitted once the performance starts. No interruptions during the performance. This is to show respect for all of us, especially the speakers who have worked very hard on their speech presentations.

3. No recording devices allowed.

This means no recording by any means. No video recording, no audio recording, and no screenshots.

Every person owns their own brand and image, and this extends to the rights to any video recording, audio recording, or any photo taken of them. Anyone violating this provision will be pursued to the full extent of the law.

Celebrities and performing artists expect to have full control and rights over the use of their brand and image.

We support that control and rights of every person at all times.

Star Performer is a safe, private, and supportive environment with colleagues who are here to help each other and to empower them to be Star Performers on the World Stage.

We follow our company policies, all applicable laws in this regard, our Club Constitution, and all protocols, policies and rules of Toastmasters International. 

4. No interruptions during a speech, including chat messages sent during a speech, unless directed to the speaker in the case of a technical problem. 

No chat messages sent during a speech. This is rude, and it shows that the audience member is not paying attention to the speech presentation.

Please realize that sending a text message to the speaker will interrupt the speaker to have to read the message during their speech. The speaker does not have time to read text messages while they are presenting their speech to the audience. 

A better way to handle the technical problem is to speak up verbally and interrupt the speaker.

Examples of when this might be necessary during an online meeting:

  • The speaker’s sound is off, too low, or too high, causing distortion, there are background noises interfering with the speakers audio  
  • Their video camera is not directed at the speaker, it is turned off, there is no light illuminating the speaker
  • The screen share of the speakers presentation is not working, the slides are not advancing in the speakers PowerPoint presentation, the audio is not working in a video presentation
  • The speaker has gone so far past the allotted time for their speech that the meeting schedule is now in jeopardy. 

In these cases (not the overtime problem) the speaker may start the speech again with the problem corrected. A speaker going far past their time is very unusual in Toastmasters International meetings. It is very rare. 

5. No one is allowed to lurk with their video camera turned off, no photo, and refusing to speak.

This is absolutely rude, disrespectful, and against every principle, value, and rule above, including the requirements to participate in an online club by Toastmasters International.

This disruptive behavior during our meeting and during a speech appears to be against the principles of Toastmasters International and it also appears to violate the rules in Policy 3.0: Ethics and Conduct.

6. Roles on Easy-Speak.

We have the following roles: Past Interest – no email to be sent, Mailing List, Visitor, Special Guest, Prospective Member, Member, Officer.

Priorities for Roles and Speaker Roles will be given to Members first.

Anyone can speak at Table Topics.

Special Guests must attend one meeting before requesting a speech. Only one speech may be given before joining as a Member. Special Guests may take Role assignments.

Prospective Members must be voted on by the Club Members before becoming a Member of Star Performer.

Please read through all of these rules, laws, policies, and protocols.

By reading through them, and in your attendance at any Star Performer meeting, you agree to abide by these rules at all times.

Thank you!


Steve J Davis, DTM
Founder and President, Treasurer
Star Performer #7011518
A Prospective Online Corporate Toastmasters International Club, open to the public.

Steve J Davis
Founder and Authorized Agent
Star Performer, LLC
A Public Benefit Company

Empowering Star Performers on the World Stage